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An Inspiring Story of a 15 Year Old Volunteer

January 2, 2012
Taylor Fellman

Taylor with the donations she collected for APR

An Inspiring Story of a
15 Year Old Volunteer

At APR we so grateful for having such a passionate group of supporters and volunteers.  We wanted to share a story of a very special 15 year old volunteer, Taylor Fellman, who decided to make Abandoned Pet Rescue her mission during this past season of giving.  Taylor’s efforts brought in an amazing $437 and a truckload of items from APR’s wish list.

“I really love animals, “ Taylor, who is in 9th grade, explains. “I just wanted to do something for the animals for the holidays.”

Taylor, who lives in the Weston area of South Florida, designed and printed out flyers with APR’s wish list asking her neighbors to donate. Taylor wrapped the flyers in ribbon, adorned them with a candy cane, and went door-to-door putting them on her neighbors’ doors.  To see the flyer she created, please click here: Abandoned Pet Rescue Donation Flyer.

When Taylor went back to her neighbors a week later, many neighbors left items on their porch.  Some of her neighbors decided to donate money to APR too.

Taylor’s efforts did not stop there.  Taylor, who is a nationally ranked figure skater, also created a donation box for APR that she placed at her local skating rink, Panthers Figure Skating Club, and asked all of her fellow skaters to chip in.  She also wrote a letter about the pet food drive and the letter was sent out to the entire Panthers Figure Skating Club, as well as the hockey team that plays there.

Taylor Fellman

Taylor in the 2011 Sunshine State Games

When we spoke to Taylor and her proud mother, Michelle, we asked them how they found APR.

Michelle explained that last summer, Taylor wanted to volunteer for an animal shelter to fulfill her high school community service hours.  They went to the Humane Society of Broward County first, but were turned away because Taylor was only 13 years old.

That’s when they called Abandoned Pet Rescue.  Taylor and her mom were thrilled to find out that Taylor could volunteer as long as her mom volunteered with her.

“We have a lot of parents that volunteer with their younger teenagers here,” Colleen Robb, an APR volunteer explained. “Its actually a great bonding experience for the family.  The parents get to spend time with their children doing something meaningful together.  It’s great to watch. ”

We should also mention that Taylor’s holiday fundraising project was not the first time she had fundraised for APR.

Last year, after Michelle and Taylor volunteered, Taylor decided to make APR her Bat Mitzvah project.  She asked her guests at her Bat Mitzvah to donate to APR and she raised $850 as well as food, towels, and toys for the animals.

While she isn’t thinking about college yet, Taylor wants to work in the medical field helping people.  Her mother told us Taylor is always finding ways to give back to her community.  Taylor is also a member of the People and Wildlife Support Club (PAWS) at her school, Cypress Bay High School.

When we interviewed Taylor, she told us about how she was able to convince her parents to get a dog.  Taylor had wanted a dog for years, “I used to sit on the floor and throw fits about getting a dog.”  Both of her parents were so busy with Taylor’s skating schedule, they did not think they had enough time.

Well, about three years ago Taylor was competing in the Liberty Open, a national figure skating competition in Pennsylvania.  “I made it to the final round and all of the skaters were really good,” Taylor recalled.  “I was really, really nervous.  I didn’t think I could do it.”

That’s when Taylor’s dad pulled her aside and told her, if she placed in the top 10, they would get her a dog.  Well, Taylor did better than tenth, Taylor placed third.

The family now has a three-year old furry friend, aptly named Libby (Liberty Open) who goes everywhere with Taylor, including the skating rink!

Taylor's dog Libby

Taylor's dog Libby

Taylor’s determination and drive to compete in the skating rink are truly impressive. We at APR are also truly impressed by her determination and drive to help our animals.

When we asked her what she was planning to do next year for the holidays, she proudly said, “I want to do it again!”

Thank you so much to the Fellman family for everything you have done to help Abandoned Pet Rescue.  We are deeply inspired by Taylor and her family.

It is families like the Fellman’s that give us our drive to find a home for every single animal we rescue, no matter how long it takes.

For mor information about Abandoned Pet Rescue, Broward County’s largest no-kill animal shelter, please visit:

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